Saturday, 24 March 2012

Guys can't be trusted anymore.

And to all my bitches and friends. Thanks,thank you for always be there for me,through all the situation.Said
Syazwan. He's my ex,my life,my EVERYTHING lah!I still can't believe that he left me.
Dear Said Syazwan,you don't know how much I miss you,how much I need you.Since the first day I met you,you've change everything , You make me feel so happy, You're the greatest guy that I've ever seen *maybe

Stay with me,forever,please? I need you back. My heart is yours. Forever will.. And yeah,I am yours :) There's nothing to worry about,because I won't forget everything about us.And after this i promise i will love you until my last breath, while i standing in the earth i never leave you, you know what without you i just have a simple live, my life is incomplete without you. Don't be dumbfounded,Said Syazwan because this post is for you. [:)] *Winks* If you need me,just call & text me. I will always be there for you,no matter how hard the situation is.

Lots of love,Nornadia Yusuf </3

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